Some benefits of Integrated Health Coaching:

Integrated health coaches work with the whole person, take time to listen to client concerns, and ask powerful questions to help motivate clients to make changes.

Through the nonjudgmental coaching partnership, clients are empowered to reach their highest level of health.
Integrated health coaching inspires change by connecting people with the ways in which their health supports their personal purpose and values.

Clients are held accountable for their commitments, and coaches empower them to identify lessons learned from whatever outcomes occur.

The coach helps create and sustain the mindset needed to make lifestyle changes by heightening personal awareness.
Clients and coaches work in partnership to identify obstacles to change and create strategies for forward movement.
Coaches provide additional resources for making healthy behavior changes.
(Source: Duke Integrative Medicine)

But Also!!!
Coaches are a powerful tool even if you are free from illness or chronic disease yet want to realize the healthier you that you know is possible - but has been escaping you for too long. If you long to be smoke-free, lose some weight, better manage stress, have more energy, endless wishes for our health that can lead us to vitality and disease PREVENTION!! then an Integrated Health Coach may be for you.  And YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

What is Integrated Health Coaching?

Although contemporary medicine has made many breakthroughs and powerful advances, it still remains primarily a disease management system. The current system leaves medical and allied health providers without the necessary time and training to help patients plan for their health and implement effective health behavior changes for disease prevention.

Integrated Health Coaching:

  • Is the missing link in our current health care system
  • Is a new paradigm of care that defines success as better patient engagement and outcomes
  • Empowers clients to make lasting health behavior changes that are the cornerstones of lifelong well-being
  • Bridges the gap between medical recommendations and patients’ abilities to successfully implement those recommendations into their complex lives 
  • Facilitates behavior change in a structured, supportive partnership between the participant and coach. The coach invites insights and clarity through inquiry and personal discovery. A coach focuses on the mind, body, and spirit and helps clients make the changes that support a healthier lifestyle.