In Integrated health Coaching - we say there are "many ways up the mountain".  Here are a few tidbits to take along on your trek! 

Links Resources

Here, listeners will find many links, helpful resources and more information on many areas of integrated health mentioned on RxRadio broadcasts.  Hope you find it useful!

Duke Integrative Medicine 

Duke Integrative Health Coaching 

Research & Evidence in support of Integrated Health Coaching:

Global Advances in Health and Medicine - A Systematic Review of the Literature on Health and Wellness Coaching: Defining a Key Behavioural Intervention.

This is a leading journal which is available for those interested.  

Mindfulness / Mindful Awareness Resources

Brief Summary of Mindfulness Research

Other Coaching Resources

Fertility Coaching


Food / Nutritional Change

This is Grub: Change Your Food - Change Your Life!