A Little About "Change Your Tune"!

Its a little of lots! But first, let's lay down what its not.  Change Your Tune and Andrea's shows are not intended to "coach" over the internet or "radio", nor is it intended to advise or direct listeners to take particular action for improved health  (please see the disclaimer below).  The intention and design of the shows are - quite simply - to inspire and inform listeners about the field of integrated health, to whet your curiosity about this important approach to better health, and to educate broadly on the role of an Integrated Health Coach: an important partner in your quest for improved health and wellness - especially if you've struggled to make changes for better health. 

And - with that out of the way - Phew!! - what CAN you expect when you tune in?   You will hear Andrea - often in a very excited tone) share fairly short (3-8 mins at a time) information segments to provide insight into integrative health and what an Integrative Health Coach does - in a VERY broad sense.  Each information segment will be followed by some great tunes - generally rock, pop or alternative music from the 60s to today - that will likely have some very loose relevance or connection to the preceding health information shared.  Sometimes - you'll hear a tune just because Andrea likes it!  You will also get a gradual and accessible introduction to mindful awareness, or "mindfulness" as a growing health concept yielding compelling results to support better health of mind and body.

The goal is to get listeners curious about integrative health, to inspire and lift you up a little with some great music, and to help you think about how an integrated health coach trained at the Duke level might support your hopes, desires or need for better health and an enriched lifestyle.  And, Andrea is just an email away should you want more information or  to explore what integrative health can do for you.  You're worth it! 

Enjoy the shows!!